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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for the Fall Recreation Season opens the first week of August.  Meet the coach night is usually the first Wednesday after Labor Day and the first games are usually scheduled the first weekend after Labor day.  The season will end the second weekend in Novemenber.

The fall recreation program typically has the following teams groups - U12 and  U10  boys teams and girls teams, and U7 & U6 Coed teams.  The is subject to the mix of children involved; occassionally we will create U9 or other mid-age group, however two-year groupings are preferable.

The youngest we automatically allow kids to play is 4 1/2 by Aug. 1.

We do allow on a case by case basis children as young as 4  to join the U6 program, generally provided the parent is also helping to coach.

The times vary from season to season, but generally they are as follows :

U6    8:30- 9:30AM, Saturday only

U7    9:00-10:00AM, Practice TBD

U9    9:00-12:00PM, Practice TBD

U12  10:00-12:00PM, Practice TBD

Yes.  Registration for the YDSC Travel program usually occurs in October.  Try-outs are held at Station Ave. Elementary school.  The ages included are U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18.  Each age level will have a boys and a girls squad.  If not enough players try out a team will not be formed.  The YDSC is part of the South Coast Soccer League (SCSL) comprising of teams from Cape Cod to the RI border to Taunton to Hanover. The league schedules its games from March through June.  During the colder winter months when outdoor play is not advisable the YDSC travel progam participates in the Cape Cod Indoor Soccer League.  Depending the age level games are played at Cape Cod Community College and local elementary school indoor gyms.

Players in the travel program are responsible to purchase their own uniforms, equipment and travel expenses.  The registration fee covers all play expenses.

YDSC is pleased to be able to offer scholarships to parents and guardians who are in need of financial assistance. The financial assistance scholarships help defray the cost of registration fees for our Recreation Soccer and Travel Soccer programs. To request a scholarship, please click here to contact the club Treasurer using the Contact Us page, who will provide instructions for completing the online application.

The YDSC strives to be environmentally conscience by using as little paper as possible.  The primary method of registration is at the YD website.  At the time of on line registration, payment can be made by Debit, Credit or Paypal.  If you are uncomfortable using the on-line payment options you can mail in a check for the amount of the invoice, but will not be considered registered until the check is processed by the YDSC.  At that time you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that we have accepted your payment and you will be able to finish the on-line registration process.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE WITH YOUR CHECK THE NAMES OF THE CHILDREN YOU WANT TO REGISTER. If you wish to pay by cash you will need to wait until meet the coach night the week before the season starts.  At meet the coach night all forms of payment can be accepted.  The earlier you are able to register the better we are able to place your children on a team.  Available spots are limited.

If you are thinking about joining us at the Yarmouth Dennis Youth Soccer Club let me be the first to welcome you.  Our club consists of dedicated group of Board of Directors, Coaches, Referees and many, many volunteers.  We all strive to meet two goals.  First, we want you and your child to have to have the best experience possible playing soccer.  Second, we want the experience to be so great that not only you but your child wants to stay involved with YDSC for many years to come.  Not to pat ourselves on the back but we know our approach works because many of our Referees, Coaches and Board Members are either previous YDSC players and parents of players.  We expect over 350 players this fall season and we are excited to get out on the field. It takes dedication from a lot of very special volunteers to make it happen (but more on that in a later blurb).

Fall enrollment will consist of age groups of U6(4 to 6year olds), U7(6 + 7 year olds), U9(8 + 9 year olds), and U12 (11+ 12 year olds).  Spring enrollment is U6 and U8.  If your child is older than that we have spring travel teams. The Recreation enrollment fee for each season is $95. All players will get a uniform and U6 players will get a new YDSC soccer ball.   Don’t worry about selecting what group your child will be in.  Once enrollment is closed and we have a final count on how many players we have we will assign the teams.   Some teams might be co-ed.  There are guidelines on which age groups can or can’t be but it is our policy that if we have enough players for a single gender team we will group them that way. But not to worry, our coaching staff is extremely vigilant when we teach sportsman like behavior - no matter the gender of player.  Once enrollment closes and we assign the teams you will be notified your team “color” and a roster via email.  

The email address that you enter when you create your user will be the primary way that we the board and your coaches will notify you about any updates or changes. I have to thank our Web Site designer John Volpe for taking on the challenge of redesigning the site.  He is constantly adding great new features that really speed up how we communicate with you.  I expect that it will really enhance everyone’s experience. But remember two things, you need to visit and log in to the sight often to see the updates. Second, it is extremely important that the email address that you use is proper and that the account is monitored.  Otherwise you will be sure to miss important updates.   If possible I suggest forwarding your email to your cell phone for instant updates.

We will have a “Meet the Coach Night”  The week before the season starts.  It will be in the Station Avenue Elementary School Cafeteria.  At that time you will get your uniforms and game schedule and the coaches will pick practice nights.  U6 does not have a mid week practice.  Our games will be held on the field behind Station Avenue Elementary School on Saturday mornings usually between 8:30 and 11:30.  But that might change due to the size of our club which we won't know until enrollment is closed. For the age groups of U7-U12, there will also be a mid-week practice scheduled by the coach once the teams are assigned.

Last but not in the least  …. PLEASE…. do not wait to enroll players at the last minute.  It makes it extremely difficult for us to plan on how best to organize the club. In past years we have had players that tried to enroll and we did not have room due to staffing constraints.  Help us make a great experience for your child by enrolling them now. 

Enrollment is open so if you have not signed up your child yet - - - don’t wait please do it right away.  If you know a child, have a new neighbor or even see a child that you think wants to play and even better they have a parent that might want to coach go get em' and sign em' up.  It is time to get the ball rolling (sorry for the bad pun) because the season is just around the corner.  If you have any questions about how you can get involved please email me @ .

To apply to be a coach log on to the using your family account.  There should be an item on the front page that says "sign up as a coach" --- click it. Second, please make sure that the email address that is listed is the proper email that you check often. It will be the primary way that the club will contact you with any and all information. You will then be asked to complete a Massachusetts CORI form in order to perform a regional background check.  Apon passing the CORI check you will be assigned to your team.  If you have already passed a CORI check with a different organization  you will still need to complete one for the YDSC.  The CORI results are good for the seasonal year.

No - All outstanding bills must be paid in full before you will be able to register for the next season.  If you need help paying for the program, you may request a hardship scholarship or a payment plan.

What ever the reason we are sorry to have you leave us. Family's move and kids grow up. It is all a part of life. Log in an in the light green shaded area on the bottom left of the screen click into to "MyAccount."  Then in the blocks that populate twards the top - click on "Email Opts.  "  In that frame you can select which email addresses are allowed to receive email by checking and unchecking the boxes.  If the "Bounced" box is checked then an email message was refused by your ISP.  If that email address is now fixed, uncheck the "Bounced" box and save.  Otherwise, you will need to correct the problem with the bounced email address.

We would be happy to have you coach your child’s team.  New this year we will offer a $25 “coupon code” to every coach that coaches a full season.   That code will be good for the next season and it does not have to be used for the same child – as long as they are in your household.  The Club Board of Directors has “tweaked” this policy over the past years.  We want to offer an incentive for folks to get involved.  But unfortunately, we have had parents volunteer to coach only to leave the club mid-season. That was very counter productive to the policy we are trying to create. 

Age groups are determined by age and grade of the player. The grade is entered in the profile when registering. The player will be properly placed on a team. 

The Spring program typically has the following teams groups - U8 & U6 Coed teams.  The age groupings are subject to the mix of children involved; occassionally we will create U9 or other mid-age group, however two-year groupings are preferable.

The youngest we automatically allow kids to play is 4 1/2 by Aug. 1.

We do allow on a case by case basis children as young as 4  to join the U6 program, generally provided the parent is also helping to coach.


The times vary from season to season, but generally they are as follows :

U6    8:30- 9:30AM, Saturday only