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Dean Sherman

Dr Dean R Sherman, DPT,MPT,MS,COMT,FCE,CEAS,VRT,CCCE,CI is the Director of Clinical Education, a Board Certified Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist, and Clinical Educator. Dean is a clinical specialist and Program Development Lead at Cape Cod Orthopaedics Physical Therapy. He also serves as the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education for our residency program. He has special interests in movement science, manual therapy, and physical conditioning and has specialties including treatment of the fitness and performance athlete, tactical conditioning, industrial rehab, pediatrics, and sports medicine. After completing medical school with both Masters and Doctoral Level training in Physical therapy and a Bachelors Degree in Health Physical Science at the University of New England, and intensive manual therapy residency, Dean went on to undergo a post graduate differential medicine residency and more recently, Post Doctoral study at the Ola Grimsby Institute of Norway, and Sorlandet Institute of San Diego in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy.  His interests lie in the optimization of the human frame, the restoration of movement efficiency, and functional capacity improvement, and he approaches his patients with a biokinetic and structural expertise. His areas of expertise include pre and post surgical rehabilitation, peripheral joint rehab, spinal rehab, vestibular/concussive medicine, athlete recovery and performance enhancement, and osteopathic manual therapy. His goal with every patient interaction is to provide a mechanically and physiologically based and individualized treatment program that enables recovery, tissue repair, and movement quality improvements to bring the patient to a better level of skill and capacity than they had prior to their onset of dysfunction. DR Sherman is a lifelong athlete, thriving on competitive soccer, volleyball, rugby, and a variety of watersports, as well as being a climber, snowshoer, and a USSF Referee and Soccer Skills Trainer for over 15years, and Performance Coach for the last 16years. He also runs his own Bodywork/Manual Therapy, Concierge Medicine, and Training Company, Sherman Bodywork and is a Rotarian with Yarmouth Rotary. He resides in his native Yarmouthport, Cape Cod, with his Wife Shannon, a MedSurg/Critical Care RN, and his children Tucker and Teagan.